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Although Venapro has been around for a number of years, it still hasn't really started to be carried by traditional retailers or pharmacists. In fact, a number of people have contacted us to complain that they can't even find anywhere to buy Venapro in the stores in their local town or city. Rather than copy and paste the same email to dozens of people we thought we'd create this little FAQ page related to buying Venapro.

Where should I avoid buying Venapro from?

Good question, thanks for asking :) The first question should be where to avoid buying Venapro from. Obviously you want a high quality genuine product at a reasonable cost so here are a few places you should avoid when searching for Venapro retailers:


eBay is great and everyone loves a bargain but you really need to be sensible and think twice before buying any sort of medical treatment or equipment from there. Although you may find an auction or "buy it now" for Venapro and it may say that the product is new, how can you really be sure? It may be the case that the seller bought Venapro a number of years ago and for one reason or another didn't use it (and maybe didn't even open it) and has decided to put it on eBay. Not Good :(

Gumtree / Craigslist / Classified Ad Websites

Again, there are some really great classified websites that allow anyone with a phone number or email address to list their products for sale for free. Whilst we understand you may be tempted to buy Venapro from one of these types of sites (probably due to the reduced cost) this is even worse than buying Venapro from eBay. At least with eBay they have a proven feedback and buyer protection system in place that will give you some recourse if your Venapro turns out to be used or even fake.

With Gumtree and Craigslist and the like, there's no such system in place so you could easily find that you've parted with your hard earned cash only to be shipped a fake or cloned version of Venapro. Until a couple of years ago, the Venapro brand name wasn't trademarked so this gave a lot of Chinese sellers the opportunity to create similar products and stick the Venapro name on the front. This is obviously something you want to avoid.

Foreign websites

Lastly, the third major place you should avoid buying your Venapro from is foreign websites. There's nothing wrong in buying products from abroad but when it comes to the likes of a hemorrhoid treatment, even if you source a genuine product, you'll likely find that it will be picked up by customs when it lands here and you'll be hit with a heavy import duty or tax. Worse still, your Venapro may even be destroyed if the foreign seller hasn't included the necessary paperwork and certificates.

Can I buy Venapro in stores?

This is another good question and we touched on the answer briefly in the introduction. Basically, as things stand, there isn't a good distribution network in place to allow any significant number of retailers to hold stock of Venapro in their stores. Certainly none of the national retailers or pharmacists stock Venapro but you may get lucky and find your local independent health store either has it in stock or is able to order it for you. Because it's almost impossible to know which store will or won't have Venapro on the shelves, we would suggest you avoid looking for it locally as it will just take you far too long and will probably leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated.

Can I buy Venapro from Amazon?

This is a tricky one to answer and the answer depends what you mean by "Amazon". Please bear with us and we'll try to clarify. As you may know, Amazon have two main retail operations.

Firstly they operate like a traditional retailer, buying in stock and selling it direct to the consumer, shipped from their warehouse. Secondly, they operate something known as Amazon Marketplace where they allow individuals and small businesses the ability to sell their own stock through Amazon.

So to get back to your question of whether or not it's possible to buy Venapro from Amazon, the answer is yes and no. It's certainly possible to buy Venapro "through" Amazon but maybe not directly from them. Amazon do occasionally stock and sell Venapro directly and when they do, it's perfectly fine to buy it through them. You'll get a good quality product at a good price with all the great customer service we've come to expect from Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon do not always have Venapro in stock themselves and instead advertise the product as being available from the marketplace sellers described earlier. It's difficult to immediately distinguish if the seller is Amazon or a Marketplace seller so we've created a couple of images below so that you can quickly check.

Look at where the arrows are pointing. In this example, the Venapro is not being sold by Amazon but someone called "Bob's Autos", probably a small business somewhere, so you would avoid buying in this case as it's only marginally safer than buying from the likes of eBay:

Example of Venapro being sold by an Amazon Marketplace seller

In contrast to the above image, you can see here that the Venapro is clearly being sold directly by Amazon so it's fine to buy it in the knowledge that you're getting a genuine, new, unexpired product that's been manufactured using the correct ingredients:

Example of Venapro being sold directly by Amazon themselves

Can I buy Venapro at Walgreens?

To cut a long story short, the answer is no, you can't buy Venapro at Walgreens pharmacy or at Boots pharmacy. Apparently Walgreens used to stock Venapro in their stores but for various commercial reasons this is no longer the case. If you visit the Walgreen website and search for Venapro you'll see for yourself that there are no results. Walgreens sell various other hemorrhoid remedies over the counter (such as Preparation H) but unfortunately not Venapro.

Is Venapro available at Walmart?

Again, the situation seems to be similar to the Walgreens question above. At some point in the distant past Venapro was probably available to buy in a few Walmart outlets but for one reason or another it appears to no longer be in stock in any of Walmart's stores.

Can I only buy Venapro if I'm in the United States?

No, although it's a lot easier to find Venapro for sale by US retailers, it's also available in Australia, Canada, South Africa and of course within the UK. For availability outside of the US it's best to check on the Venapro manufacturer's official website.